Using the Dell Axim X30 as an eReader

Although I love my eBookwise, I now read almost exclusively on my used Dell Axim X30. I can easily take it anywhere so I can read my current book when I'm out and about (instead of reading 2 books.. one at home and one for errands) and I like the display better than the eBookwise reader.

Here's a list of what I like about the Dell Axim X30

* It's about 5" x 3" and fits into my small purse easily.
* I got the model with wifi so I can download books to it just like a Kindle.
* It's also an LCD touchscreen but the screen is MUCH better than the ebookwise. It's NOT dot matrix (the ebookwise is).
* I use Mobipocket (mine was not preloaded with MS Reader and I didn't have the CD - so I can't sync to my PC which is needed to load MS Reader onto my Axim.)
* You can change the font color, back ground color and of course font size. I have my size at larger than typical paperback font size.
* It has user replaceable batteries - so I can always have a spare charged up ready to go.
* It uses easy to find SD cards
* It's NOT a phone - so I don't have to pay monthly fees for 3G access (I am very frugal) I like the wifi, but am not willing to pay for that type of access all the time as you would with a phone with 3G. (we have wifi at home)

The Dell Axim X50 is the current version, but you can find X30's on eBay for $50-$100. (be sure to get the model that has Wifi!!)