Sue Grafton P is for Peril ebook

I grew up on mysteries - Nancy Drew to be precise. It is not surprising then that I prefer mysteries to any other type of book.

I love Sue Grafton's ABC series, and in paperback had read "A is for Alibi" thru "O is for Outlaw". Now that I prefer reading on an ereader to paperbacks, I started looking for ebooks of the Sue Grafton's series. P is for Peril was next on my list, but all the ebook versions were $23.95 or higher. Sorry, but I'm not paying that price for an electronic book - especially when it is not the most current book in the series!

I had read some reviews on Amazon, (they were not good) and decided I wasn't going to miss that book.

But I was browsing on Fictionwise (I had this book on my Wish List) and saw that the price had been reduced to $7.99, like the other books in the series. I was willing to give it a chance for $8!

I enjoyed the book very much. For the most part it was typical Sue Grafton writing. The ending is what most people did not care for (hence the bad reviews). Some couldn't figure the ending out, however I was able to easily. It was not a typical Sue Grafton ending, but not bad. I'd give the book 4 stars out of 5. I wouldn't want all of her books to have that kind of ending, but I'm glad I read this book!