Where to Buy The eBookwise 1150

As mentioned earlier, I decided upon the EBW1150 (eBookwise 1150) because it was the only reader priced way under the $300 range that other readers start at.

There are 2 websites where you can purchase the EBW1150.
eBookwise.com has 2 choices depending on how much memory you want.

For $109.95 you can get one with 8mb of memory. With that you can store about a dozen paperback books.

For $134.95 you can get the same unit with 64mb of memory. You can store about 100 paperback books on this unit!

Another choice is to buy the EBW1150 at www.FilamentBooks.com.

Their site states that you get a "free" ETI-2 (same as the EBW 1150) when you join their book club.

You pay low monthly payments ($19.95 for a year)
and you get 2 books a month from their book club. (total $239.40) But you could get the same unit for $110 at eBookwise.com

So in reality for your $19.95 a month - you are making monthly payments to Filament Books for the unit (about $9.11a month) and paying around $10.84 a month for their book club where you get 2 ebooks a month from the club list. Still a great deal in my opinion.

For either unit you can purchase additional Smart Media cards to expand the memory up to 128mb. You can have multiple cards and store ALL of books all on your Smart Media cards!