The eBookwise 1150 aka EBW 1150

As I mentioned earlier, I decided upon the EBW1150 because it was the only reader priced in the $100 range. The price is only one of the great things about this unit!

It is well built and tough (except the screen, the screens on ALL eReaders are delicate!)

The power button is on the lower right side of the unit. The "next page' button is the top left one on the front of the unit. Or go back one page with the bottom button.

The other "buttons" are on the touch screen accessed with the built in stylus.

The EBW1150 feels good to hold.
It weighs about the same as a paperback book - about 18oz. The back is not just flat, there is a "bump" on the back where I think the battery may be located, but they've put a rubber coating on it so it doesn't slip out of your hands. The "bump" itself helps to make it easy to hold.

It can easily be used by right handed people or lefties! There is a button you can click to rotate the screen so the unit can be held comfortable in either hand.

The screen is back lit making it easy to read in dim light. Some people even read in bed while their spouse is sleeping! The back light does have adjustable brightness for your personal preference.

eBookwise has a great page with more information right here.