I Caved and got an Ipod Touch

OK... I caved. Hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him.... the Ipod Touch! I can hear you now... "At first you were in love with your eBookwise. Then you got a Dell Axim X30 and absolutely loved it. Now that wasn't good enough for you? You had to have an iPod Touch as well?"

Let me explain like I did for hubby ;) I absolutely DO love my Dell Axim! But I have to admit, when I was shopping for it... I did fall head over heels for the iPod Touch. I just couldn't afford the Touch. I was able to get the Dell Axim X30 at a great price on Ebay: Axim X30 on eBay here

However, the Axim does have its limitations. Because it is no longer being manufactured, there are practically no 3rd party software development (applications). Yes, I have my Mobipocket reader on my Dell, my photos, some music. But what I really wanted was to listen to either Pandora Radio or Slacker Radio on it. It's not there and it's just not going to happen. So I caved and asked for an Ipod Touch.

Am I giving up my Dell? NO!!!! What I like about the Dell that is not in the iPod are a swappable battery (I have 2 batteries) and media cards. So I'm keeping my Dell. If my iPod dies, or just the battery dies, I NEED to be able to read!! (Although I'll be giving my eBookwise to my Mom! Shhh, don't tell her! It's going to be a surprise!)

Of course though, I've already added Amazon's free Kindle app to my new iPod Touch!