Converting eBooks to read on eBookwise Reader

The eBookwise 1150 is designed to read books in the IMP file format. There is a huge selection of books available in this format from, and in the "Multi-format" eBooks at

I originally believed that I was limited to purchasing my eBooks from those 3 websites.

If you are like me.... although there are thousands of books to choose from at those sites.....maybe you've been wanting to read some books that are not available from those websites. (This is why I originally thought I'd eventually buy a Sony 505 or an Amazon Kindle.)

Most likely those books are available in the LIT format for the MS Reader as that is (some say) the most popular eBook publishing format. But I can't read that format on my EBW1150.... or so I thought....

When I first started researching how to convert other eBook formats to a format that my eBookwise could read, I got a little confused. There are many methods and software. Some of them are fairly complicated. I just wanted to READ gosh darn it! I didn't want to fiddle around with the darn ebook.

Then I found a couple of FREE tools that will easily convert LIT format eBooks to a format you can read on the EBW1150. Both are very easy- 1 step methods to use.

When you buy an eBook in LIT format (also known as Microsoft Reader) you will download that eBook to your computer. After it is on your computer, you use one of the programs listed below to convert your new eBook. After it is converted, you will upload that new conversion to your Personal Content and then download it to your reader.

It really takes hardly any time at all. For me it takes less than a minute!

These programs are intended for Fair Use Only. This means that you should only use the program to convert eBooks you have already purchased, and you must not distribute copies of the converted version.

My first choice to use is ABC Amber LIT Converter I prefer to convert the LIT to .rb (Rocket Book) and then upload that file to my Personal Content Bookshelf at eBookwise - then download it to my EBW1150.

Sometimes I will get an error when trying to convert a file using the ABC program. When that happens, I'll use Convert LIT 1.8. When I use this program, after "exploding" the book, I'll upload the .html version of the eBook to my Personal Content Bookshelf at eBookwise - then download it to my EBW1150.

The .html version is often called an IE document or Firefox document.. depending on your internet browser.

After discovering these 2 programs, I no longer feel the need to purchase one of the more expensive eBook Readers as I can read almost any title I want to read on my EBW1150.